Our Dogs

Indy Rain “Rain”

F1 Medium Tri-Colored Bernedoodle

42 Lbs, Genetically Tested – Clear, Spoiled and loved in our home as our personal pet.

Rain came to us from a breeder in Indiana. She a beautiful tri-colored medium-sized Bernedoodle who doesn’t know a stranger. She is a sweet, playful, fun-loving girl who enjoys staying close to her family. She is the instigator of play in our home and is always willing to share toys or play fetch. When not playing, Rain can be found stretched out by our feet or lying next to us while we relax in the evenings. Rain will also be paired with “Newt” in 2022. They are sure to make some amazing puppies!!

Miss Daisy Sue “Daisy”

F1 Miniature Sheepadoodle

31 Lbs, Genetically tested (carries 1 copy of IVDD), Spoiled and loved in our home as our personal pet

Daisy came to us from a breeder in Iowa. She is a beautiful white-faced Miniature Sheepadoodle who turns heads wherever she goes. Daisy is sweet, curious, and playful. At home, she loves running in the backyard and playing keep away with our other dogs. She learns quickly and is very obedient and eager to please. Daisy always greets people with her sweetness. She is a pup who has a bit of a cautious side, but she is steadily gaining confidence as she is introduced to new situations. She will be paired with our handsome Blue Merle Parti Moyen Poodle “Newt” in 2022. We can’t wait to see their beautiful puppies!!

Sir Isaac Newton “Newt”

AKC Moyen Blue Merle Parti Poodle from Florida

25 Lbs, Genetically Tested – Cleared & Lives in a Guardian Home

In the words of Newt’s amazing Guardian Family: “As his name implies, Sir Isaac Newton (or Newt for short) is a smart, curious pup who loves meeting new people and dogs, and has an intense passion for running free in open areas or going exploring on long walks. His wit is immediately apparent, and although he can be playfully ornery (especially with our much older and grumpier dog, Maverick, who he often tries to goad into playing with him), he is an absolute lover of the world around him and is a friend to everyone he is introduced to. While his enthusiasm and energy are a staple of his personality, he equally loves curling up for nap at someone’s feet or next to them on the couch. He has won our
hearts and we wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.” Newt will pair with Rain and Daisy in 2022!

Journey Ad Astra “Journey”

AKC Golden Retriever (Red) with Western Kansas Roots

Weight: 62 Lbs, Genetically tested, Lives in Guardian Home

Words from Journey’s loving and dedicated Guardian Family “Journey is the trifecta of beauty, intelligence and athleticism. Her temperament is friendly and playful. She is a regal girl who goes with  gusto when retrieving a ball or playing in the hose. Journey looks forward to her daily walks and loves prancing around the neighborhood and visiting neighbors and dog friends. She is eager to please and is equally satisfied hanging out quietly at home with our family. We feel she will be a perfect candidate to become a therapy dog.”

Oscar Blue Atlas “Oscar”

Blue Merle Miniature Poodle

19 Lbs, Genetically tested – Carries 1 copy of DM(not affected), Spoiled and Loved in our Home

Oscar is an eye-catching, Blue Merle Miniature Poodle who came to us from North Carolina. He is an energetic and playful pup who keeps us on our toes with his curious nature and “BIG” personality. He loves his friends, Rain and Daisy, and can be found right in the middle of their fun and games. In his down time, Oscar loves to snuggle on our lap or lay on top our feet. He is a real sweetheart! He will honeymoon with Journey in the spring of 2022. They are sure to make some adorable Goldendoodle