What is a Guardian Home?

The goal of our breeding program is to raise happy, healthy, and well-socialized puppies. We want to give our breeding dogs the
very best life possible and in order to do that, we quickly realized we had to limit how many dogs we could personally keep in our
own home. In order to be able to grow our bloodlines and add quality dogs to our program, we decided to offer a Guardian Program.

Basically guardianships enable breeding dogs to live and become a member of your family while they are participating in our
program. Once they have completed their breeding duties, we will have them spayed or neutered and your family will gain complete
ownership of the dog.

Our Guardian Program could be an amazing opportunity for your family! We are seeking loving and caring forever homes for our
breeding dogs. There are specific guidelines which can be found in our Guardian Application. Please read it carefully to see if you
might be the “right fit” for one of our amazing dogs!

Interested? Fill out Guardian Application Below!

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