Be A Guardian Home Family

The goal of our breeding program is to raise healthy, happy, well-socialized puppies. We want our breeding dogs to be in an environment that is most beneficial to them. We do not believe that puppies or dogs are best served being raised in a kennel. The goal of our guardian program is to place our breeding dogs in a permanent loving environment that will be their forever home. Dogs are amazing creatures and we believe guardian homes are a great way to ensure the very best life for our dogs.

We ask our guardians home to agree to provide or have the following:

  • Have previous dog experience.
  • Provide veterinary care including vaccinations and flea, tick and heartworm prevention. Send a copy of all veterinary care and meds to the breeder to keep on file. Breeder will pay for all breeding-related expenses.
  • If the Dog becomes sick or injured, please notify us right away so we are
    involved in decisions regarding the treatment of the dog. Please understand that the breeder may need to make decisions about your Dog and we ask you to respect those decisions. Your input will always be considered and hopefully we can mutually agree on necessary treatment. All decisions WILL ALWAYS BE made for the betterment of the Dog.
  • To help with proper development and optimal health please provide a high
    quality, food with protein-first ingredient food. We recommend Purina Pro Plan or Science Diet.
  • Keep the Dog’s coat maintained and free of matting with regular grooming and brushing. You can do this yourself or use a professional groomer.
  • We ask the family to practice safe handling of the Dog. The Dog must be an indoor pet and we ask you not leave the Dog outside if you are not home.
  • Have a fenced yard to provide a safe environment for the Dog. This also
    protects the dog from any unplanned and unwanted pregnancies which is
    crucial! If your living situation does not allow for fencing, breeder is open to discussing a plan for the dog’s safety and exercise requirements.
  • Provide regular exercise and always use a leash in public or any unsecured
  • Provide basic obedience training so the Dog has manners. (The Dog should know basic commands such as sit, stay, lay-down and leave it.)
  • Be willing to socialize your puppy (once puppy is fully vaccinated, provide a variety of experiences so the puppy can learn how to react and behave in a variety of situations.) Allow them to interact with people outside your family and other spayed or neutered dogs. 
  • If you are a guardian home for a male dog, be willing to drop him off for approximately 3-5 days for breeding unless other arrangements have been made for us to pick him up. All semen shall be sole property of the breeder.
  • If you are a guardian home for a female dog, the breeder will require access to the Dog at first sign of going into heat (blood) until a successful hook (usually 5-7 days). You can bring her to the breeder every other day – 3 times on average or leave her for the duration of the stay as approved by the breeder. The Dog can return to the guardian home for duration of pregnancy until 7-14 days prior to dog’s due date and up until the puppies are weaned at approximately 6-8 weeks after birth. This total process lasts approximately 9-12 weeks.
  • The Dog shall be used as breeding stock exclusively by the breeder. All puppies born to the Dog shall be sole property of the breeder.*
  • Be able to communicate with us, the breeder, about anything breeding related.
  • Notify the breeder of any change of address, phone, or email.
  • Notify breeder if you will be out of town or on vacation, so we can determine if the Dog might be needed for breeding during your absence.
  • Provide pictures and updates monthly.

The guardian home pays for any normal care items and veterinary expenses including food, dishes, leashes, beds, normal vaccinations, worming, flea and heartworm medications, grooming needs, etc. The dogs we have purchased have been vet checked and genetically tested for optimal health. If the dog needs meds due to worms, illness, infection, or anything unrelated to breeding, it is the guardian’s
responsibility to pay for those expenses.

Guardian family for male will receive a bonus for each litter ($50 dollars per puppy up to $250). Guardian homes for females will receive a bonus for each litter ($75 dollars per puppy up to $500). *The owner may forgo the bonuses and opt to receive a puppy (offspring of their dog) once the dog has completed 5 years (or less as determined by breeder) of service beginning with their first litter. When the dog is retired, the breeder will pay to spay or neuter the dog and ownership will become completely yours.

Termination of Agreement

This Agreement shall terminate upon the occurrence of any of the following:

1. Immediately, upon the transfer of ownership of the Dog to the Guardian Family.
2. Immediately, upon Owner’s determination that the Guardian Family is non-compliant with the terms of this agreement and such non-compliance poses a significant risk to the health, welfare, and safety of the Dog, at which time possession of the Dog returns to the Owner.
3. Immediately, upon the death of the Dog from natural or accidental causes.
4. Immediately, upon the Guardian Family’s permanent return of the Dog to the Owner for any reason.
The main goal for our breeding dogs is to place them in their forever home where they will be loved and cared for in a responsible manner. The well-being of all of our dogs is the most important aspect of our program.

Thank you for agreeing to become part of our extended family as a guardian home to
one of our amazing dogs.


The guardian Family agrees to indemnify and hold the Owner harmless from and against all claims, liabilities, losses, cost, damage, and expenses by reason of any damage property or injury, or death to individuals or other animals allegedly caused by the Dog while in the possession of the Guardian Family.

If your interested, please use the link below to fill out a puppy application.