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to Doo-dah Doodle Pups! Our business is located in Wichita, Kansas right in the heart of America. Why Doo-dah? In the urban dictionary, “Doo-dah” is a nickname for Wichita. The origin is unknown, but perhaps it was given for the laid-back nature and whimsical attitude of many of the residents of our great city. Our logo was created in the shape of Kansas using the Wichita flag and our state flower, the sunflower. We are a small in-home breeder specializing in mini and medium Goldendoodles, mini Bernedoodles, and mini Sheepadoodles. Our family has a heart for dogs and a love for sharing our passion with others. Our goal is to raise happy, healthy, and well socialized puppies. By using many protocols from the Badass Breeder’s Program, we expose our puppies to Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), age appropriate games and exercises, early socialization, and introduction to crate and potty training. As a result, we learn about the personality and temperament of our puppies which is useful in collaborating with you during puppy selection. Our dogs live in our home or in guardian homes where they are first, and foremost family pets. Our belief is that dog ownership is a privilege because dogs have the ability to provide us with unconditional
love and loyal companionship, not to mention loads of laughter and fun. If given the proper amount of care and attention, your puppy will become a beloved member of your family. We hope you will take some time to explore our site and learn more about our amazing dogs. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


Doo-Dah Doodle Pups…straight from the Heartland to your Heart!


Please contact us if you would like to learn more about becoming member of the Doo-dah Family. We
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